Dividend Millionaires

  • Grace Groner: Abbott Labs Millionaire

    Truth be told, I thought I had covered Grace Groner on the site already. She fits the dividend millionaire profile to a tee, and hers is one of the better known stories out there. I imagine many of the site’s readers have already come across at least one version of it already. That said, it […]

  • The Actual Dividend Millionaires Of America

    I had a discussion recently about the profiles of the folks who go on to become secret dividend millionaires. Regular readers know this all from memory by now, but typically these people remain unmarried, childless, display ultra-frugality and extreme longevity. In short, the kind of lifestyle that not many people actually have in the real […]

  • The Amazing Story Of The Voya Corporate Leaders Trust Fund

    Occasionally I get asked why I don’t write about indexing on The Compound Investor. It’s a good question, and I may do going forward. I mean, two of the most popular assets in 401(k) retirement plans are the Fidelity 500 Index Fund (FXAIX) and the Vanguard 500 Index Fund (VFIAX). There are tens of thousands […]

  • Catching Up With The St. Agnes Stock Portfolio (2019)

    It has been just over three years since I wrote about the hypothetical returns from the St. Agnes stock portfolio. This story featured in Peter Lynch’s early-1990s book, Beating The Street, and was basically a classic ‘buy what you know’ portfolio. The remarkable simplicity of the stock selection process is best illustrated by telling you that […]

  • Phyllis A. Stone: Exxon Mobil Dividend Millionaire

    By now, most readers will be very familiar with the profiles of our typical ‘dividend millionaires‘. Almost without exception they had a few things in common. First, they lived very long lives. Indeed, the majority profiled so far were nonagenarians, with a couple possibly making it past the big one-hundred. Second, they typically remained unmarried […]