• Three ETF Ideas For A Centerpiece Approach

    As time goes on, the attraction of a sort of ‘centerpiece’ approach to investing appeals to me more and more. Being in the full fury of earnings season might have something to do with that (it does, after all, provide a good reminder of how relentlessly short-termist the market can be), and so this post […]

  • Hyatt: Looking For Latent Travel Demand To Offset Downturn Worries

    These past few years haven’t been easy for Hyatt (H). COVID is for the most part behind it now save for some remaining soft spots, but with an economic downturn a real possibility there is a risk that we could be looking at ‘two steps forward, one step back’ here over the next few quarters. […]

  • Bank of America: Still A Solid Mix Of Value & Quality After So-So Results

    The operating environment of the past few quarters has been a pretty good one for lenders. Rates have risen sharply, credit demand has been strong, and asset quality, though normalizing, has likewise remained solid.