• Black Enterprise’s 1992 Consumer Stock Picks

    Buried way down on page 102 of the December 1992 edition of Black Enterprise magazine is an article titled The Power Of Investing In What You Know. It starts by listing some of the greatest consumer products of the past century – think Coca-Cola Classic, Heinz Ketchup and Kellogg’s Corn Flakes – before discussing the merits of […]

  • The Story Of Agnes Plumb

    A little library of dividend millionaire case studies is starting to build up on the site. The ones I find most interesting cover folks from the lower and middle-income brackets – the likes of Margaret Dickson, Paul Navone, Ronald Read and Anne Scheiber. The latest one – the story of Agnes Plumb – is slightly different, […]

  • Anne Scheiber: Another Dividend Millionaire

    Occasionally I pull up the web traffic data for the blog to see which search terms are leading people here. It turns out that a bunch of you stumble onto the blog each month looking for “dividend millionaires”. Now, I confess I don’t know exactly what a dividend millionaire is, though it sounds pretty cool. Anyway, searching for […]

  • Catching Up With The St. Agnes Stock Portfolio

    One reason I find Peter Lynch’s books so enjoyable to read is because they have thoroughly stood the test of time. There’s nothing like diving into stuff written thirty years ago and finding that many of the principles apply just as well today as they did back then. Take the St. Agnes portfolio for example. This […]

  • More On Millionaire Buy-And-Hold Investors

    While skimming through Christopher Mayer’s book – 100 Baggers: The Stocks That Return 100-to-1 And How To Find Them – I was pleasantly surprised to see that the case of Ronald Read got a pretty big mention. For those who haven’t yet heard Read’s story, he was another high profile example of a ‘secret’ buy-and-hold millionaire.