• Catching Up With The St. Agnes Stock Portfolio (2019)

    It has been just over three years since I wrote about the hypothetical returns from the St. Agnes stock portfolio. This story featured in Peter Lynch’s early-1990s book, Beating The Street, and was basically a classic ‘buy what you know’ portfolio. The remarkable simplicity of the stock selection process is best illustrated by telling you that […]

  • Phyllis A. Stone: Exxon Mobil Dividend Millionaire

    By now, most readers will be very familiar with the profiles of our typical ‘dividend millionaires‘. Almost without exception they had a few things in common. First, they lived very long lives. Indeed, the majority profiled so far were nonagenarians, with a couple possibly making it past the big one-hundred. Second, they typically remained unmarried […]

  • The Incredible Story Of Stewart Horejsi

    It has been a while since I added a story to the dividend millionaire archive. Strictly speaking, this next one is not quite in the same mould as the others. Still, the story of Stewart Horejsi is such a crazy example of long-term compounding that it more than deserves a place in there. It also […]

  • Jack Gsantner: Dividend Millionaire

    The dividend millionaires mentioned on the site usually fit a certain profile. That is to say, long-lived, frugal to the point of obsession, and typically childless. Indeed, their eccentricities often explain what drives them to accumulate all that wealth in the first place. Without them, we probably never hear their stories.

  • Russ Gremel: More Dividend Millionaires

    The “dividend millionaire” stories are by far the most popular type of content on the site. Month after month it seems to rank number one in the list of search engine terms that bring folks here. The prospect of earning tens of thousands of dollars a month in passive income is obviously a big draw! […]