• Hyatt: Looking For Latent Travel Demand To Offset Downturn Worries

    These past few years haven’t been easy for Hyatt (H). COVID is for the most part behind it now save for some remaining soft spots, but with an economic downturn a real possibility there is a risk that we could be looking at ‘two steps forward, one step back’ here over the next few quarters. […]

  • Bank of America: Still A Solid Mix Of Value & Quality After So-So Results

    The operating environment of the past few quarters has been a pretty good one for lenders. Rates have risen sharply, credit demand has been strong, and asset quality, though normalizing, has likewise remained solid.

  • First Hawaiian Has Budding Dividend Stock Potential

    I am excited to resume single ticker stock coverage, starting with First Hawaiian (FHB). Admittedly this is a bit of a left field candidate, but any fellow golf fans and PGA Tour followers may get the reason why I’m starting here – this time of the year seeing the players tee it up in back-to […]

  • Relaunching The Blog With Buffett’s Punch Card

    After receiving some nice messages from old readers throughout 2022, getting back to posting here made it onto my list of New Year’s resolutions! So, where to start? There’s no shortage of things to write about, but one of the most common requests I’ve had is to repost my contenders for Warren Buffett’s hypothetical stock […]

  • Grace Groner: Abbott Labs Millionaire

    Truth be told, I thought I had covered Grace Groner on the site already. She fits the dividend millionaire profile to a tee, and hers is one of the better known stories out there. I imagine many of the site’s readers have already come across at least one version of it already. That said, it […]