• Bank of America Stock Gets A Whole Lot Cheaper

    Well, it has certainly been an interesting week for the banking industry. The failure of Silicon Valley Bank has sent bank stocks into a tailspin. The regionals and smaller niche lenders have fared the worst, but even the big money center banks like Bank of America (BAC) have been caught up in the maelstrom.

  • McDonald’s: Wading Through Some Slight Macro Issues

    At $263.45 at time of writing, McDonald’s (MCD) stock is within 6% of its record high reached in Q4 CY2022. While the macro environment has deteriorated for restaurant operators, McDonald’s stock has proven resistant on (1) a business model that largely shields it from restaurant-level economics, and (2) a relatively flat P/E ratio that has […]

  • Coca-Cola: Showing Its Quality With Strong 2022 Results

    I know “Coke v PepsiCo” articles seem to be cropping up left, right and center at the moment, but having recently covered the latter it only seems right to follow up with a piece on Atlanta-based Coca-Cola. For my part I see these two as being complimentary: Coke for the beverages and PepsiCo for the […]

  • PepsiCo: Knocking It Out The Park

    It is a good time to be a PepsiCo (PEP) shareholder. I admit to being unsure how shares of the New York-based giant would fare heading into the environment of last year. I had no qualms on the business side of things; PepsiCo was also going to be relatively well-positioned to deal with inflationary conditions. […]

  • Three ETF Ideas For A Centerpiece Approach

    As time goes on, the attraction of a sort of ‘centerpiece’ approach to investing appeals to me more and more. Being in the full fury of earnings season might have something to do with that (it does, after all, provide a good reminder of how relentlessly short-termist the market can be), and so this post […]